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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the enroad to recognition. I can brand your company with a recognizable face.

Web Design

The design of one's web site should match the purpose of the site itself. I can bridge that gap.

Web Development

Websites can do more than just show this or that. I can put the web to work for you.


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Web Development

Web development is a broad term for developing web sites and/or web based applications for the web and/or for private networks. Web development encompasses anything from simple static web pages to complex web based applications that allow user and administrative control over the content of the site. If you consider what you can do on eBay, or Facebook, than you can only begin to imagine what web development can do for you. To be specific, web development is the non-design aspects of a web site. Web Design is the engine under the hood, while Web Design the body and the interior of the car. No one wants a Porsche with a Yugo motor. Proper Web Design is the key to the success of your web site or web based application. Recently, Web Design has been made synonymous with CMS (Content Management Systems). A CMS allows anyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise, to manage the content of a website.
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Web Based Applications

Applications custom built to suit your specific needs, made accessible to the public, or secured and accessible to select users. If you can dream it, I can develop it for you.


Do you want to expand your brick and mortar store so that your products are accessible to anyone, anywhere? Setting up an online store is not as tall an imposition as you think.

Web Based Reports

What if you didn't have to generate reports at the request of clients or co-workers? What if the reports were readily available, with current data, and accessible on the web?


Content Management Systems are an integral need for most businesses. Why wait for a developer to find the time to make a content update for them when you can do it yourself in minutes.

My 'Go To' Coding Languages

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Adobe Cold Fusion and PHP are my bread and butter when it comes to web development. Either are encapsulated in HTML, and both are enhanced by Javascript, AngularJS, and jQuery. Adobe Cold Fusion and PHP, if used in conjunction with a database (MSSQL, Oracle, or MySQL), are powerful tools that can manage any need you may have for web development or web based application development. While Javascript, AngularJS, and jQuery tend to be used more for Web Design, I also leverage them for web development purposes as well, which can allow huge performance gains, since less interaction with the web server is required, which is due to the fact that each language works on the client side, while PHP and Cold Fusion work solely with the server side. Fewer calls to the server = greater web based application performance. A good web developer should have a tight grasp on both the server side and the client side of web development.

Adobe Cold Fusion

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I'm available for freelance projects.

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Jason Laurie - Tellcast

Brian did some contract Web Design work for me a year ago and I was very happy with his prompt responses to my requests and attention to detail on the project. I would highly recommend him for any design or design work.

Jason Laurie
William Gauderman - RCBros

I have used Brian Falls for several years now, and I couldn't be happier. He has handled all my website needs in a timely manner and at an affordable price. He comes highly recommended!

William Gauderman
Bill Roncallo - BGR Fabrications

Awesome website designer, great service, and outstanding customer care! What more could you ask for?

Bill Roncallo
Angelo De Donno - Flooring B Gone

Brian's services have been invaluable to our business. He did an awesome job on our web site which he finished in a matter of days. I'm looking forward to many years of great service from Brian.

Angelo De Donno

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